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The first few fanciers to meet with a view to forming a new society met in late 1933 and eventually decided to form a society in early 1934. This society is now known as The Midland Budgerigar Association; this date making it one of the oldest Area Societies.

The first President of the MBA was the Marquis of Tavistock and the Chairman was N H Dixon.

Since those early days the Association has had many of the most notable names in the fancy as it’s President, to name just a few, there was: W E Higham, Will Addey, Charles Somerfield, Bill Cox, Harold Evans and Harry Bryan.

In recent times we have been lucky enough to locate various pictures of past and present members and events from various publications and individuals, and we would like to thank both The Budgerigar Society and our past Secretary Mr. Les Fowler for their kind permission to reproduce some of these photos on our web site. These are displayed below as a permanent reminder and tribute to those who help build The Midland Budgerigar Association.

Horace Holland receives trophy from Mrs. Bryan  at the 1974 MBA dinner (Ron Thumbwood in back ground).

1972 - "Mrs.B.Bridgeman with chief"

Published in July 1972

1972 Les Fowler(cowboy )with Don Bridgeman(indian)